Oh, hey there!

I help mums practise self-care and serve them teas that will nourish them from the inside out.

Mum life is such a joyful journey, but it's a hard one...right?!

You're constantly being pulled in a million directions. You're forever trying to be there for everyone else, in just the ways they need you to be. You wear so many hats in a given day - mother, worker, cook, educator, cleaner, driver, shopper, mediator, comforter, advocate, disciplinarian...the list is endless.

You wish - oh how you wish! - for the time and energy to invest in your own self-care. 

As a mum myself, I get it. I know firsthand that certain seasons of motherhood don't allow you to practise self-care in your ideal way. But YOU ARE IMPORTANT and you need to treat yourself as being so. After all, the way you treat yourself sets the benchmark for how other people will treat you too.

If you're feeling the need to prioritise YOUR needs, YOUR wants and YOUR mental health, you're in the right place.

I'm on a mission to make mums feel treasured, nurtured and worthy. I do that by using the tea ritual as a gateway for self-care.

All of the Tea for She blends are organic, loose leaf and blended by hand here in Australia. They're blended in small batches to ensure maximum freshness, plus they come in recyclable pouches.

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