Straight off the bat, I'd like to say thank you for stopping by!

My name's Beth and I'm the owner/creator of Tea for She.

I was born and raised in Sydney but have been lured further and further south by my husband. We're lovers of the land and sea and now call Berry NSW home, which gives us the best of both worlds.

We're parents to 2 year old Henry and we have another baby due (any day now!).

I never imagined owning my own tea business. I have a Bachelor's degree in Social Work and a Masters degree in Forensic Mental Health.I had passion and purpose in the job I had pre-kids, but being at home full-time with my children was something that was really important to me. That's part of the reason Tea for She was born, which is a small business I operate from home.

People are my passion. My mission is to make women feel treasured, nurtured and worthy. Tea is my gateway for doing that.

I hope Tea for She inspires you to prioritise your own self-care, as well as to spread love to the women that surround you.

Please, join the Tea for She community and follow along as it evolves.

Beth x

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